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What is Personal Information




Premium Personnel complies with all aspects of the Privacy Act regarding confidentiality in the use of personal information gathered in the process of assisting applicants to gain employment.  The following statement explains how we manage your personal information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles and the current Privacy Laws.


What is your Personal Information?


Personal information is any information about you that identifies you or information by which your identity can be reasonably determined.


Why we collect your personal information


Collecting your personal information is essential for Premium Personnel Pty Ltd to be able to provide you with efficient employment services.


By collecting personal information we are able to:


q             Provide a range of  employment services specifically for your requirements

q             Give you the option of receiving our e-publications.  If you decided you do not wish to receive these you can unsubscribe by return email.

If we do not collect and make use of your personal information, we are unable to provide you with employment and recruitment services.


How do we collect your personal information?


Where possible we collect your personal information directly from you. Personal information is generally collected initially when you complete our Registration process face to face or on email or during the course of our relationship with you.  You are required to update the information we hold about you in person, via e-mail /electronic information transfer or post. We take your photograph during our Registration process and on occasions we may be requested to forward this to a client for security purposes.

Sometimes personal information may be collected about you from other sources. Examples of where we may receive personal information about you from another source and why this would happen are:


q       When we receive any reference about you from a previous employer

q       We take your photo for identification purposes

q       An insurance company where we are pursuing a claim which involves you, or advice from your employer about a workplace accident in which you are involved

q       We receive performance feedback from your employer


q       We receive any complaint from or about you in the workplace


q       We request your Banking , Superannuation  Details and Tax File number plus Emergency contact details during our Registration process as a Premium Temporary


In most cases we will require you to specifically consent to any collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by Premium Personnel. Your consent will usually be required in writing but we may accept your verbal consent in circumstances. Sometimes your consent may be implied through your conduct with us.


However, no matter how your personal information is collected it is dealt with by Premium Personnel in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


If you don’t wish to provide all of the information requested.


The nature of the service we provide may be compromised, and in some instances we may not be able to represent you or your interests effectively and professionally.


How we use your personal information.


We use the personal information that we collect to provide employment / recruitment services to you and to include it in our direct marketing database, and client databases.


To enable us to do this we may share your personal information within Premium Personnel and consortium members nationally, and in some cases overseas.


Direct marketing


From time to time we may use your personal information to provide you with information about our products and services.


If you do not want to receive any of this information email us at:  Once you have told us you no longer wish to receive information about our products and services, we will not send you any further material.


You can, however, change your mind about receiving information about our products and services at any time; you just need to let us know.


Premium Personnel does not disclose your personal information to a party outside Premium Personnel for the purposes of allowing them to market their products or services to you.


When do we disclose your personal information to anyone?


Premium Personnel may disclose your personal information in certain circumstances.

Sometimes we are required or authorised by law to disclose  your personal information. For example we may disclose your personal information to a Court in response to a subpoena.


We may also disclose your personal information where you have consented to us doing so. Your consent to the disclosure of your personal information may be given explicitly such as in writing or verbally or may be implied from your conduct.


Where the provision of employment services to you requires us to disclose your personal information to third parties (e.g. to a prospective employer for whom we a re recruiting) your consent will be implied when you register with us unless you tell us otherwise.


Should we need to disclose your personal information to other third parties such as contractors or temporary employees of Premium Personnel then that party is bound by the same rules we follow.


Some examples of parties outside Premium Personnel to whom we may disclose your personal information and the reason for disclosure are: -


q       Prospective employers

q       Clients may request your photograph for security purposes.

q       Other agencies who act as our agents i.e. with whom we have a formal Consortium Agreement  to provide candidates for consideration for employment

q       Mail service providers for the mailing of direct marketing material etc.

Ensuring your personal information is up-to-date


We rely on the personal information we hold about you to efficiently provide employment services.


For this reason, it is very important that the personal information we collect from you is accurate, complete and up-to-date.  This is your responsibility.


During the course of our relationship with you we will ask you tell us of any changes to your personal information. However, you can contact us at any time to update your personal information to tell us that the information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete.


Is my personal information secure?


Premium Personnel takes all reasonable precautions to safeguard your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. We employ a number of means to protect your personal information  which is stored both on our FastTrack database and in hard copies, including: 

·         External and internal premises security, 

·         Restricted access to personal information, 

·         Maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorized computer access,

·         Regular reviewing and testing of our technology in order to improve the level of security and

·          Internal policies in relation to Premium Personnel’s computer use.

·         Our information database is maintained and backed up daily by our external IT provider


Some examples of when we no longer require your personal information:


·         If you have advised us that you are no longer looking, we record this on our Fasttrack database and then your hardcopy records are placed in a security bag which is then shredded by Recall offsite, a document storage & destruction company

·         If you have been placed in Permanent or Temporary position by Premium Personnel, our Fasttrack database records this info and your hardcopy records are maintained in our  secure QA Filing room for 3 years and then are archived  in boxes at Recall for the next 4 years.


Can I access my personal information?


Certainly.  You may request access to any of the personal information we hold about you.


In most cases, a summary of personal information such as your name and address details, contact telephone numbers and Registration Forms, and associated documents which may be made available to client companies are freely available to you by contacting Premium Personnel via e-mail at:


For more detailed requests for access to personal information, for example, access to information held in archives, a fee may be charged to cover the cost of retrieval and the supply of this information to you.


All requests for access to personal information will be handled as quickly as possible and we will endeavour to process any request for access within 30 days after receiving  your request.. Some requests for access may take longer than 30 days to process depending upon the nature of the personal information being sought.


Premium Personnel may be required by law for audit or Quality Assurance reasons to retain your personal information for a period of time after you have ceased your relationship with us. After the required time has passed we attend to the secure destruction or deletion of your personal information.


Can your request for access to personal information be denied?


Premium Personnel is not always required to provide you with access to our personal information on request.


We may refuse you access to personal information in a number of circumstances such as where the information may relate to existing or anticipated legal proceedings with you, where denying access is required or authorized by law, or where the request for access is regarded as frivolous or vexatious.


If we deny your request for access to, or refuse your request to correct your personal information, we will explain why.


What is a Commonwealth identifier?


A Commonwealth identifier is a Commonwealth Government or Commonwealth Government agency designated identification number such as your Tax File Number (TFN) or Medicare number.


We may use Commonwealth identifiers as a means of identifying the personal information that we may have collected about you in order to place you in temporary or contract employment, and where your acceptance for this employment is contingent upon this information being supplied.


Do I have to be identified at all?


Wherever it is lawful and practicable to do so, we may offer you the opportunity to deal with us anonymously. For example, when making an inquiry about the type of products or services we offer.


Otherwise, the nature of employment service provision is such that anonymity cannot be maintained.


Does my personal information leave Australia?


Premium Personnel does not send personal information outside Australia unless it is authorised to do so by law or you have consented to it as part of the registration for employment service we are providing to you.


Sensitive information


If personal information concerns particular matters it is regarded as sensitive information.


Sensitive information can be information about your,


q       Racial or ethnic origin

q       Political opinions

q       Membership of a political association

q       Religious beliefs or affiliations

q       Philosophical beliefs

q       Membership of a professional or trade association

q       Membership of a trade union

q       Sexual preferences or practices

q       Criminal record

q       Health


Premium Personnel only collects, uses or discloses sensitive information about you as allowed by law, for example, where we have received your consent to do so.


Security of your personal information online


Generally, e-mail is not a secure way to communicate and you should be aware of this when sending personal information to us via e-mail.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time


Premium Personnel regularly reviews all its policies and procedures.  As a result we may change this Privacy Policy from time to time.  Our Privacy Policy was amended in May 2010.


Concerns or requests for access


If you have a question about this Privacy Policy or wish to lodge a request to access your personal information you can contact us in any of the following ways,


By emailing         

                                    Premium Personnel Pty Limited

                                    256 Walcott Street

                                    Mt Lawley   WA   6050


Can I complain about a breach of my privacy?


If you believe that Premium Personnel has not protected your personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy you may lodge a complaint with us in any of the following ways,


By telephoning              08 9473 5900

By emailing         

                                    Premium Personnel Pty Ltd

                                    256 Walcott Street

                                    Mt Lawley   WA   6050


What if I am not satisfied with the response?


If you are not satisfied with the results of your complaint to Premium Personnel you can refer your complaint to the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association, of which we are a member.


You can contact our Association,


By telephoning              03 9663 0555

By writing to                 Recruitment & Consulting Services Association

                                    PO Box 18028

                                    Collins St East VIC 8003


If you are still not satisfied with the results of your complaint to Premium Personnel you can refer your complaint to the Federal Privacy Commissioner.


You can contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner,


By telephoning              1300 363 992

By writing to                 Director of Complaints

                                    Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner

                                    GPO Box 5218

                                    SYDNEY NSW 1042




Mary Louise McArdle

Managing Director

13th May 2010


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